Reviews (Art of Balance)
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Reviews (Art of Balance on Wii U)
"This Wii U eShop iteration is without doubt the ultimate version on offer." -- Adam Riley
Rating: 9/10
"This instalment in the Art of Balance series should be on everybody’s Wii U" -- Alex Olney
Rating: 9/10
"It isn’t often these days that you encounter quality, novel puzzle games, however, and Art of Balance triumphantly earns the classification." -- Steve Schardein
Rating: 8.8/10
"Art of Balance on Wii U is definitely the best version of the Shin’en classic by far." -- Daan Koopman
Rating: 8.8/10
Reviews (Art of Balance TOUCH!)
"The 3DS eShop scores another whopper, as Art of Balance Touch! is essential puzzle gaming." -- Mike Rose
Rating: 9/10
"Even for WiiWare veterans, Art of Balance: Touch! is worth the double-dip for the extra puzzles, blocks and endurance mode, plus the ability to play on the go. Deceptively simple and gloriously satisfying, it's another strong addition to the eShop's puzzle line up." -- James Newton
Rating: 8/10
Reviews (Art of Balance on WiiWare)
"The game features the same type of engaging gameplay that made World of Goo such a hit on the service." -- Corbie Dillard
Rating: 9/10
"The gameplay and control is spot-on, the challenges get progressively more difficult to solve at the exact right rate and the presentation wrapping the whole thing together is just plain slick -- this team knows its stuff. Any puzzler fans looking for their next fix can find it easily right here..." -- Lucas M. Thomas
Rating: 8/10, Impressive, IGN.com Editors' Choice Award

"Art of Balance not only looks great, but it sounds great as well... I'm pleased to say that families, especially, will see this as a worthwhile purchase."

"Art of Balance is easily one of the most enjoyable games available on WiiWare right now."
Rating: 9/10

Product Information
  • Developer: Shin'en Multimedia
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Genre: Physics Puzzler
  • Rating:
    ESRB: E for Everyone
    PEGI: 3
  • Purchase Price:
    Europe: 8.99
    America: $8.99
  • Release Date:
    Europe + Australia: 03-Jun-2016
    America: 03-Jun-2016


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